How To Craft an Exciting Web Presence That’s True to Yourself

Most professionals now face the modern dilemma of creating a sustainable web presence that stands out from the crowd, interests potential clients, and also remains true to who they really are. After all, you should present your true self online so that people know what to expect when meeting you in person or otherwise doing business with you. Here are some tips to make the most out of your online persona while showing the world your true colors.

Put Your Best Face Forward

What compliments do you often receive in life? If you are often commended for your quick wit, play on that strength online as well. By playing up and enhancing your natural strengths, you will accentuate them and enable them to be more widely appreciated and accepted. If you are compassionate and committed to making sure every client feels that they got the justice they wanted, then reiterate that in all places where you have a web presence, including social media, your own website, and other articles that represent the services you offer on the Internet.

Only Make Promises That You Can Keep or Exceed

It’s  very tempting for some service providers to make grand promises to attract customers online. It’s often very well-intentioned because business professionals think that they can step up to the plate when push comes to shove. However, you don’t want to back yourself into a corner or create a stressful situation for yourself where you are struggling to live up to what you have promised to deliver.

Instead, make things easy on yourself. Only make promises that you are absolutely certain that you can meet without too much of a struggle. If you can’t talk to each client personally, don’t promise that you will. That way, when you are able to talk to a potential cient and give your personal well wishes to him, he will be pleasantly surprised. It’s been shown many times that customers walk away with a more pleasant impression of a company or service provider if they walk away with more than they expected.

Record a Short Video

What’s a great way to introduce potential clients to who you are and what you stand for? Record a short video for your website that explains a little about the services or products that you offer. Put some time and thought into what you truly want to say, and simply be yourself as you explain what you offer.

Review All Content

It only makes sense to hire others to write some of your web content if you are not a writer. After all, your profession is not to entice people to come to your website. However, you always want to read anything that others write for you before publishing it, whether it’s a Twitter post or a long article or a press release.

Be sure that your own true voice is represented in the material, even if that means adding your own personal introduction or tweaking the content just a bit. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this, but just setting aside an hour or less per week to review and tweak content can help you build your web following by ensuring that your content sounds authentic.

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