How to Network when you don’t really want too!

How to Network when you don’t really want too!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are afraid of speaking to people they don’t know, they are frightened to walk up to people and introduce themselves and the thought of public speaking terrifies them. Well, read on we’ve all been there and overcome these obstacles and the following tips should enable you to become a master networker.

Speak to the person on the outside.

We’ve all been on the outside of networking clicks, some people can break in, and others tend to stand on the outside of a group looking inwards. My advice to those new to networking or those that are really shy, is to talk to these people, they are people just like you and all you have to do is walk over, smile and say my name is …… what do you do? Then simply shut up and let the other person speak.

It’s amazing but that one sentence can often lead to a business friendship that can last years, as you’ll both instantly relax and just chat about your businesses. After all as business people, that’s what we do best, talk about our businesses. Do however remember, listen more than you talk, allowing another person to talk while you listen is the greatest compliment you can pay another person, as it shows you are interested in them.

Stand in a queue

We all stand in queues and it’s often the best place to network… at the next networking event you attend make sure you stand in the middle of a queue… and just comment to the person in front and behind. It’s amazing how easy it is to start a conversation in a queue, and remember it can be a queue to the bar, the food counter or something else… Queues are great places to start conversations.

Ask for help

There are a lot of people that network all of the time, these people tend to know almost everyone at every networking event and most of these people are only too happy to help someone new to networking out. At the next networking event you attend, ask the person on the door if they could point someone out who wouldn’t mind introducing you to a few people… you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to break into a group when this happens.


Attending the same networking events regularly is perhaps the best advise anyone can follow, as it will get you known and people will approach you more and more and pretty soon, you’ll know everyone and will be at ease talking to everyone, and your business will benefit from leads and opportunities… the number one secret is simple, attend regularly.

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