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Guaranteed to work and generate leads

  • Return on Investment

    Return on Investment

    Let us go and experience the positive results.

  • Very easy to manage

    Very easy to manage

    Easy to update and manage with ongoing support & training videos

  • Works on all Devices

    Works on all Devices

    Search Engine friendly design that works on phones, tablets & computers

  • Behind the scenes Wizardry

    Behind the scenes Wizardry

    We’ll monitor and analyse your keywords and provide one keyword rich article per month inclusive of article submission.

  • Safe and Secure

    Safe and Secure

    Includes core maintenance updates, virus scanning, added security, and daily backups of all website data.

  • Speed Matters

    Speed Matters

    Website speed analysis and implementation plus Content Delivery Network (CDN) implementation.

What our customers are saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

We write to express our appreciation for a job very well done.We were most impressed with the level of service and efficiency offered by you. Your helpfulness has been of great assistance to an office that is always on the go.We have already recommended you to some of our commercial clients and will gladly continue to refer people to you.
Director, Lynn and Brown Lawyers
Just wanted to send a quick message to thank you again for your work on Lime Sherbert. I sent out a mass email to friends and family last week to introduce them to my little online venture and have heard nothing but wonderful feedback and amazement at the professional appearance of the site. Have even had a couple of orders!
Owner, Lime Sherbert
In a busy day with a busy schedule, it was refreshing to get a straight forward approach, select a design, and have a site built, and one that looks extremely professional, sending a message that gets through without a lot of the fuss that can sometimes distract you on a web page. When dealing with an industry that can sometimes promise more than what it delivers, this experience was definitely a positive one, delivering more then was expected.
Director, Shawsett Training

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Guaranteed to deliver results

We’re passionate about the Internet and helping businesses succeed online, all of the websites we build are designed and engineered to generate results. We include specialist tools and provide additional services to try and ensure success, however you must understand that it’s your website and you will need to learn to use these tools. You will need to promote your website, advertise it, publicise it and keep the content updated and generally use the tools and features of your website to generate results, we will help and offer ongoing support to try and ensure this.

Once our design work is complete and your website launched, we also offer a no holds barred money back guarantee, if the website we design does not deliver  and provided you have done your part, we will give you your money back.

What have you got to lose?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the websites you design really work?
If promoted and managed correctly, every website single website we design will give a suitable return on your investment.
Is there a minimum contract period?
Absolutely not, you can use the website for as long or as short a period of time as you wish, if you think about it, this means that we actually invest in your business as it costs us thousands of dollars to develop your site and if you cancel we are the ones that lose out.
If I purchase a rental website, what is to stop you putting the price up?
We have been offering rental websites since the nineties and we have never increased the cost of a rental website once it is built. We currently have clients going back almost ten years, still paying the exact same amount they did when they signed up.
Is there a limit to the number of pages I can have?
We try not to limit the number of pages, however we operate a fair use policy and this means if you have over twenty pages you should mention this prior to ordering.
Can I purchase a custom website and rent it to own it?
Absolutely, we operate utilise a very simply formula, we take the cost of your custom website and multiply it by 1.4 for a one year rent to own policy, we then divide that by twelve for a monthly rental price. For two years we use 1.6 and three years we use 1.8 and of course we divide by the appropriate number of months. At the end of the term you own the website, and can host it anywhere you wish.

Please Note - Your new website will need to be properly maintained if it is to perform at its best, this involves backing up the website daily, updating the core components to ensure it remains safe and secure and all manner of behind the scenes tasks. To maximise online success you also need to regularly update your website with new content, articles and stories. We have put together a package that covers all of this, we include for all the behind the scenes work to ensure your website remains online and up-to-date. The cost for this service is just $99.95 and we highly recommend you avail yourself of this additional service.

Should you decide to not avail yourself of our maintenance plan, then we at FX Digital will correct any bugs found, however we will not maintain the website, back it up and guarantee that it remains viewable to the general public, these tasks will pass to you the client and should we be required to work on the website for whatever reason then our hourly rate will apply.
Your rental websites have all manner of additional services, do these work?
At the start we do not mention all of the features we will include, however we include standard features on all websites, as studies have shown us that these enable the best and most engaging ways to connect with your customers. For example every website will feature a landing page, we will include a newsletter and auto responder system, our advanced SEO services and CDN and backups, ensure success now and into the future.
Can I have an ecommerce website?
Absolutely, however given the nature of ecommerce websites and the need to engage target customers we like to provide a specific monthly price for such websites, once we understand your specific requirements, as we utilise different tools for different market segments and target customers.
You include for maintenance what exactly is this?
We include for keeping the core components of your website up to date and working, this is required to ensure your website isn’t hacked, to ensure your domain name and business isn’t blacklisted and to ensure everything continues to work as intended. We also understand that at times even the best websites get hacked, to counter this we backup websites every single day and we can restore your website to any reasonable point in time.  We also include for added security and monitor all attempted access, excessive abuse results in lockouts and by utilising a CDN service we not only speed up your website, we utilise a whole network of websites for early threat detection.
What is CDN?
CDN is Content Delivery Network, it basically means that your website is replicated in datacentres all around the world and whenever someone looks at your website the closest datacentre delivers your website… this means that visitors in Australia will see your website from an Australian datacentre, US clients will see it from a US data centre and so on around the world. This speeds up the delivery of your website, it also helps ensure your website remains online even if our server goes down for a short time… and it also helps with Search Engines Optimisation as search engines such as Google rank sites higher if they are faster.
Which countries do your clients come from?
We have clients in almost every country of the world, although the customers we work best with are from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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“Our new website is already working fantastically well, generating leads, appointments and work.”
- Du Clene Pty Ltd