The FX Digital WordPress Backend Area

At FX Digital we hand developed systems and implemented softwares to ensure our customer service levels are amongst the best in the industry, what other web designers dream about doing and what other web designers customers wish they had, we have implemented.

The journey starts once we receive an order, as a customer your details are entered into our customer management portal, this allows you to see the tasks involved in the development of your website and exactly where we are with them. For custom projects you can also review screenshots, make comments and review the changes.

It also offers a comprehensive support ticketing system which ensures all of our customers receive the best levels of support and service and not forgetting accounts management, within this portal you can review and make payment of invoices, etc… this really is a comprehensive system with its own password protected admin area, which is accessible directly from the back end of your new FX Digital WordPress Website.

Mentioning backends we’ve completely customised the backend area of your website, taking a way a lot of the technical stuff and leaving you with a slick and easy to use tool palette that allow you to edit your new website.

Upon logging in you to website you are presented with your business dashboard, this contains a video introducing your new website and answering some of your questions, this video is 7 minutes long. We also include all of the latest news from FX Digital, so that you can view and follow links through to interesting articles.

We’ve implement Google Anylyics rights in the backend of your website, so that you can see how many people have viewed your website without ever leaving your website… and we’ve also included the login to our customer management system.

admin_areaTowards the top on the left, you will find and FX Digital help area, here you will find hours and hours of video’s, each designed to show you how to use WordPress to edit your website, these are constantly updated to ensure they remain up to date with the latest version of WordPress. For those that don’t want to watch videos and would prefer to work through a manual, we’ve included one of those, this FX Digital WordPress 3.6 manual is downloadable from your admin area (if you would like a copy prior to ordering a website, just get in touch with us and we’ll send you one)

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll build up our video library so that it includes newsletters and all manner of additional features we build in, our aim being to offer our customers the very best administration areas, that are inviting and easy to use. A backend area that shows and demonstrates the customer service levels we try to achieve and one that sets us apart from more typical designers.

For those with Websites, go login to your website and see if this area not viewable to the general public shows the levels of service our does, does it include help and access to support ticketing and a whole video library all designed to make your life easier.

Perhaps it’s time to consider an FX Digital website?

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