Responsive Websites do you need to worry

Since Google announced that it preferred responsive website design over other platforms everyone needs to sit up and take notice. Traditionally if you wanted a website that worked on a mobile phone and one that worked on a computer you would develop two separate websites and Google would index both websites. With Google telling everyone that it’s preferred method of website development which it will give preference too, is on website that is responsive in that the actual website does all of the work and serves the same website to a mobile phone and computer … both made to look good and work by the website, itself. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense for Google to do this, as it will only have to index one website as opposed to two separate websites meaning that it dramatically reduces the amount of data it has to potentially hold on its servers.

So what is a responsive website, to put it simply it is a website that resizes and works on a smart phone, tablet, computer and wide screen television (smart tv), adapting and moving content so that it looks good in each device. Want to see an example, simply resize the browser window you are viewing this website with and everything will change and move so that the website works and looks good. This is pretty amazing and every business, I repeat that every business should be doing this… if for no other reason than because you will potentially appear higher up in the search engines.

But that’s not the only reason, the best reason in my opinion is because more people will access the internet from this year onwards not using a computer, which means that if you website looks good and works on these devices you will engage more website visitors, generate more leads and more customers.


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